Fawn Season is here!

It’s fawn season again! Every year at this time, I get calls from concerned residents about fawns that have been “abandoned” or left unattended by their mamas. Although this seems like terrible behavior for a mom to leave her newborn, this is actually normal behavior for whitetail deer. A newborn fawn does not have a scent, so they are typically protected from predators. It is normal for a mama doe to leave her fawn(s) alone for 14 or more hours at a time. So if you see a fawn sitting all by itself, leave it alone. The only time you should mess with a fawn is if it is sitting in the street, or in a bed of ants, or in an unsafe place. In this case, you can carefully pick up the fawn and move it to a safe place nearby. Rest assured, mama will come back for her baby. If you have any questions, feel free to call me.

Take care.

Debbie Trueman

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2015 Hollywood Park Directory Registration

We’ve had 138 online responses so far to the questionnaire and about an equal number of postal respondents. We’re still compiling to have it published for 2015, so tell your neighbors to get on-board and register their information for the directory!

It’s that time again!  The last resident directory was compiled in 2010.  To make things a bit easier for those volunteering to compile the directory, we are featuring an online submission form, in addition to The Sparks mail-in form.

Along with information from the previous directory, we will be using current HOA member sign-up information.  If you do not wish to be included in the directory, simply use the form to submit your information and select, “No, I do not wish to be included in the directory”, to be excluded.

Some important information:

  • The directory will only be distributed to residents of HP.
  • The information will not be available to businesses, or be sold.
  • You must be a member of the HOA, or pay $20 to receive a directory.

Just choose HP Directory Form from the main menu to begin!

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2015 Hollywood Park City-Wide Garage Sale Maps

garage-sale2015 maps are now available!

This year’s garage sale is taking place April 30th through May 2nd.

If you would like a hard-copy of this year’s maps, they will be made available at the entrance of Mecca and Donella from the 281 access road, and Voigt coming from 1604. Maps will be marked with a sign a short distance from the intersections and on the side of incoming traffic.

Happy hunting!

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2014 Annual HOA Meeting

A BIG thank you to all who attended this year’s event despite the cold and drizzle! Also, a special thank you for the hard work of Tracey Homburg who planned and orchestrated the event.

We had an outstanding performance by Texas’ own Tennessee Valley Authority Bluegrass band. Willie’s Grill & Icehouse did a wonderful job with the catering and service. If you have a need for a catered event, we highly recommend the great people at Willie’s!

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HPHS Annual Low Cost Pet Clinic

Friends and neighbors, gather your pets!  The Hollywood Park Humanes Society will sponsor its fourth annual low coast pet Vaccination Clinic on Saturday, May 17th from 3:30 -5pm at the Voigt Center.  Vanguard Veterinary Associates will offer vaccinations and micro chipping for your pets and you can also buy heartworm and flea meds.  Bring pets on a leash or in a carrier.  Cash or checks only.  Questions?  Contact Debbie Trueman.

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Annual Bulky Item Pickup

Bulky Item Pickup is scheduled for May 12-14, and you may begin to set items at the curb from May 6th-12th.  Waste Management will pick up old furniture, hot water heaters, appliances, other large bulky items, along with brush and … Continue reading

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Family Fun Run/Walk/Bike

Meet up at Memorial Park at 9am on Saturday, May 3rd.  Light and healthy breakfast foods and beverages will be served.  You can choose between a 1k or a 5k route.  Pets on a leash are welcome, too.  This event will be postponed in the event of rain.  The Fun Run/Walk/Bike is family friendly and offers a great way to spend some healthy quality time with your neighbors.

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Spring Deer Count

The HP Deer Committee is sponsoring the Spring Deer Count.  It will be held on Tues, May 6th at 6:30pm at City Hall.  Volunteers are needed to drive and count the deer.  It should last about an hour.  It’s fun for the whole family.  See you there!

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Congratulations to Chief Prichard & Officer Hernandez

Please join us in congratulating Police Chief, Shad Prichard on being awarded the Master Peace Officer Certification along with an Academic Achievement Recognition Award from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.  This “Master” certification is the highest certification a police … Continue reading

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New Feature: Online HOA Dues Payment!

Pay Your HOA Dues Online!Joining, or renewing your HOA membership has now gotten easier!  HP HOA has partnered with Paypal to offer you the convenience of paying your dues online.  Simply choose “Pay HOA Dues” from the main menu, complete the form, click “Donate” and you’ll be taken to Paypal’s secure web server to complete your transaction.

It’s not necessary to create a Paypal account; once you are at the Paypal site just choose “Continue” where you see, “Don’t have a PayPal account”.

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Candidate Biographies

Council Place 2

Sudie Sartor

Dan O’Brien

Council Place 4

Andrew Moon

Chris Murphy

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Candidate Biographies

The candidate biographies will be up on Wednesday, April 16th.

Thank you!

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2014 Garage Sale

Traffic seemed a little bit less this year, but we hope everyone had a successful sale and cleared out some clutter!

We had a total of 410 successful downloads of the garage sale map.  We served a total of 123.08 MBs in maps.

One possible hindrance has been the policy changes on Craigslist which restricted announcement of the sale to the dates it was occurring, and their disallowing placement of links in the ad.  Next year, in addition to the PDF format, we’re going to take steps to make it a bit easier for people to access the map in a format more suited to smartphones by integrating the maps with Google Maps.

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Letter from Resident Mike Coffey

Hello fellow residents,

I am attaching (see below) a letter that Mayor Ortega sent me about our tennis courts. Recently, I spoke at the city council meeting about the tennis courts not being available to residents  because they are being used by a business owner. A few days after the meeting , I received a letter from the mayor that was also sent to the chief of police (who has much more to worry about if you read the police blotter). In the letter, it seems like the mayor is accusing me of vandalizing a sign-up sheet (which I did not). He also made an incorrect statement about how San Antonio tennis courts are operated. San Antonio courts are first come/ first serve, just like they have been in Hollywood Park. I have been told that this sign-up sheet is important to the mayor because his children are getting lessons. The lady giving lessons is running a business charging clients and can now reserve the courts free of charge and tell the residents that come to play “tough, I have the court reserved”. Several people have told me, Voigt park was land donated for recreation use only not commercial use or the family can take the land back. I want to know if his children are receiving lessons from her and did he disclose this to city council before voting on the sign up sheet? Our tennis courts have always been on a first come basis just like San Antonio and should remain that way so we don’t risk losing are park. After the city council meeting, the mayor did say he would take the sign-up sheet down but I would have to beat him in a game of tennis. I don’t think our neighborhood keeping it’s recreation center should hinge on my tennis-playing abilities.

Since the mayor is under the impression that I am the only resident who dislikes the sign-up sheet (despite another person showing their dislike by writing “this sheet is BS” on it), please voice your opinion so our neighborhood can keep its recreational facilities and use them in a way that has worked for decades.

Michael Coffey
Hollywood Park resident of 37 years

Letter From Mayor

Letter From Mayor


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Welcome the NEW Police Chief

The HPHOA would like to welcome the new Chief of Police – Shad Prichard!  Congratulations!!

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