Fawn Season is here!

It’s fawn season again! Every year at this time, I get calls from concerned residents about fawns that have been “abandoned” or left unattended by their mamas. Although this seems like terrible behavior for a mom to leave her newborn, this is actually normal behavior for whitetail deer. A newborn fawn does not have a scent, so they are typically protected from predators. It is normal for a mama doe to leave her fawn(s) alone for 14 or more hours at a time. So if you see a fawn sitting all by itself, leave it alone. The only time you should mess with a fawn is if it is sitting in the street, or in a bed of ants, or in an unsafe place. In this case, you can carefully pick up the fawn and move it to a safe place nearby. Rest assured, mama will come back for her baby. If you have any questions, feel free to call me.

Take care.

Debbie Trueman

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