HP Information

Welcome to the Hollywood Park information center. This section of our site contains specific items of interest to living in Hollywood Park. Items may be selected from the menu at right, or from the quick index below.


For information regarding 911 calls and emergency situations, please see the section regarding Emergency Contact.

For all other calls pertaining to city services, please see the section regarding Non-Emergency Contact.

For information regarding city utilities, waste removal, recycling, brush pickup, large item pick-up, hazardous waste removal and dead animal removal, please see the section regarding Utilities & Waste Removal.

For information regarding city government, including permit applications, municipal code, voting and contact information, please see the section Local Government.

Lastly, a section for information about local Clubs and Organizations within Hollywood Park.


Garbage Pickup Schedule
Garbage pickup occurs on Monday, and recycle pickup is on Thursday. Brush pickup is on the second Monday of each month. Large item bulk removal occurs in April. Check your issue of The Sparks, and our calendar for scheduled dates as they become available.

Please see our Utilities & Waste Removal section for more specific information on Waste Management’s policies and recycling information.

Public schools for Hollywood Park are in the North East Independent School District. Bus service is provided to each of the three schools:
Hidden Forest Elementary – 602 Silver Spruce, 491-8425
Bradley Middle School – 14819 Heimer, 491-8300
Churchill High School – 12049 Blanco Rd., 442-0800

Voigt Recreation Center
Voigt Recreation Center consists of the swimming pool, tennis courts, covered pavilion, picnic areas, playground and the Voigt Center. The Voigt Center is a clubhouse for organizational meetings and social gatherings. The pavilion, pool and Voigt Center may be rented for private parties, or meetings by calling the City Secretary at 494-2023 extension 221. A copy of the current rate schedules and fees are available here. Pool membership is arranged through Town Hall.

Hollywood Park Hammerheads
Hollywood Park has its own community swim team. The swim team is a summer league and a member of the Lone Star Summer Swim League. The swim team has a long history in HP, and while we have enjoyed consecutive seasons as division champions, we primarily stress good sportmanship, camaraderie, and most of all, just having cool summer fun.

The team is open to all, not just HP residents, between the ages of 5-18. Information for joining the swim team can be found at the team’s website.

Lost & Found Animals
If you find a lost animal, or your animal becomes lost, contact Debbie Trueman, representative for the local chapter of the Humane Society at 495-4856.

Animal Codes
Each household may only maintain 4 animals (any combination of cats and/or dogs totaling 4 animals). You may apply for a variance in writing, subject to approval. It is unlawful for these animals to run outside of homeowners property without a leash. Dogs and cats must have up-to-date rabies shots and tags. Animals must be registered with Hollywood Park City Hall.

Residents may apply for a permit to keep up to 3 chickens per household.

Oak Wilt Prevention Code/Trimming of Oak Trees
Tree services, contractors and utilities must obtain a permit at Town Hall to cut oak trees. All cuts or wounds must be painted with wound treatment within one hour of cutting. A resident of Hollywood Park may cut or trim oak trees without a permit, but must also paint all wounds within one hour of cutting or trimming to prevent contact with contaminated insects. If a resident or business suspects finding oak wilt on his or her property, please contact the City Secretary.

Curfew for Minors
It is unlawful for minors between the ages of 10 and 17 years of age to knowingly be, walk, run, stand, drive or ride within the Town of Hollywood Park, Texas, between the hours of midnight and 5:00 am.

Wildlife Rescue
If you find an injured wild animal, please call Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation at their 24 hour emergency hotline: (830) 336-2725. Please remember that mother deer leave their fawns immediately after birth. If you see a fawn lying on your property, do not disturb it. If the mother hasn’t returned after 8-12 hours, you may contact the rehabilitation center.

Building Permits
Permits are required for construction projects (septic systems, electrical, plumbing, roof, sprinkler systems, fences, storage buildings, swimming pools, etc.). If in doubt, contact the City Secretary. A link to the permit applications can be found in our Local Government section.