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Hollywood Park Humane Society Board Members & Officers

Tonya Cummings, President
Barbara Schmitz, Secretary
Debbie Trueman, Treasurer
Nancy Swan, Board Member
Lacey Fails, Board Member

HPHS was organized in 2002 for the protection and humane treatment of all wildlife and domestic animals within Hollywood Park. In the early years, efforts were predominantly directed towards the treatment of the deer. With the herd reduced and the relaxing of the feeding ban, and a general shift to managing and taking care of the herd, our efforts with domestic animals have moved to the forefront. However, we are still active on the deer front, with three of our Board Members currently serving on the Deer Committee.

HPHS provides monetary assistance, as funds are available, for vet bills incurred for rescued HP animals, and for vet bills incurred by residents who participate in feral cat catch-and-release activities. We provide lost and found services for HP pet owners, and assist in adoptions of animals whose owners cannot be located. HPHS also works with the City in reuniting impounded animals with their owners. We sponsor an annual Low-Cost Pet Vaccination Clinic in May where residents can get their pets vaccinated and micro-chipped, and buy heartworm and flea meds, without leaving the Park.

HPHS is an all-volunteer organization fully funded through dues and donations. Annual membership dues are $25 per family and the membership form can be found in the Sparks. If you would like to be added to our email list to get notification of lost and found pets, email

An example of the many wonderful projects undertaken by the HPHS is documented below. Wildlife in an urban setting can face perils from many common items, such as this volleyball net which a buck had became entangled in.

Recreational items can create perils for urban wildlife.

Recreational items can create perils for urban wildlife.

HPHS Proud Moment:  "Ragtop" after being freed from net by HPHS.

HPHS Proud Moment: “Ragtop” after being freed from net by HPHS.